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Salvator designs and manufactures interactive training simulators to provide realistic scenarios for training.

Focusing on safety, realism, economics and environment we have developed a system using light, audio and smoke generators. The system, which ranges from small mobile units to large installations, enhances realism in battle training and helps prepare soldiers for field missions.

Our products are oriented towards satisfying market requirements and have advantages over the products of our competitors. Our products are listed below:

Vizsim Field

The field unit is designed to increase realism in live fire training. Battery operation and light weight enable it to be rigged up in the target terrain quickly and easily. The smoke machine is built in and the bag, speakers and stroboscope are connected up with quick couplers.
Vizsim can be programmed with any number of sounds and effects, from small calibre fire to explosions, helicopters and main battle tanks.

Vizsim Buildings

Vizsim for buildings can be set up in a single room or up to several hundred rooms for greater realism when training in built-up areas. It can simulate explosions, outbreak of fire, small arms fire, screaming and other sounds from humans. Out of doors, the system can play ambient noise, such as tanks, helicopters and battle sounds.
The system can be fitted with small speakers, lights and smoke machines for small rooms. It can also be fitted with large speakers, smoke machines and lights for outdoor use. For indoor use there is even the option of odours.

Download PDF for VIZSIM