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Our Vision

To create realistic training environments and optimum conditions for soldiers and police who need to fight for peace and justice.


Salvator designs and manufactures interactive training simulators to provide realistic scenarios for training. Focusing on safety, realism, economy and environment, we have developed a system using light, audio and smoke generators. The system, which ranges from small mobile units to large installations, enhances realism in battle training and helps prepare soldiers for field missions.

Salvator developed the Mainstreet ladder system to satisfy the need for mobility when fighting in built up areas. The system is the most flexible in the market and competes in strength with the strongest ladders in the world.

CEO Birger Pettersson Wiik was previously in in the Swedish Defence Forces and worked at the Swedish Army combat school for eight years, until 2009. His main tasks were educating and training groups and platoons for fighting in built up areas. He also worked with developing field work functions in connection with this.

Finance Manager Thore Danielsson

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