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Range Systems ballistic rubber products.

Range Systems Inc. was founded on a manufacturing process we developed and patented for ballistic rubber. Formulated from recycled rubber particles and our exclusive patented composition, these ballistic rubber products are known by the trade names of Dura-Bloc™ and Dura-Panel™.

With these products, we pioneered the first rubber ballistic encapsulation system that was field-proven to be the safest, most cost-effective solution for containing bullets, reducing the hazards of splatter and ricochet, and minimizing airborne lead contaminants.

Range Systems live fire shoot houses are chosen by law enforcement departments and military agencies worldwide for their superior performance. Our relationships with range operators and trainers provide us with valuable input regarding firearms training techniques and philosophies that we carefully consider in our shoot house designs. We also monitor and assess current military and industry firearms standards to ensure our systems meet evolving training requirements.

Range Systems product line also has everything required to equip a live fire firearms facility including several models of bullet traps, a full complement of ballistic baffles and acoustic panels, shooting stalls, and target systems. From the requirements of a forensic lab to an advanced training tactical range, Range Systems is exceptionally suited to design and equip your range with tailored solutions that meet your live fire needs.

Range Systems LFSH


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