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The NANUK advantage - Transportable Protective Cases

NANUK protective equipment and instrument cases are designed to protect the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments.

Nanuk durable cases offer the best solution for protecting your equipment. If you have sensitive instruments, photographic equipment or even “not so delicate” items such as firearms, Nanuk protective instrument cases, photographic equipment cases or tough military cases are the superior solution for your transportation and storage needs. All our products are extremely versatile. The uses and applications of our protective equipment and instrument cases are virtually limitless
Additional options are also available for our durable cases. We offer completely watertight dive cases, together with waterproof panel kits, to accommodate any contingency in which liquid contamination is a possibility. We also supply critical and very functional accessories for all of our protective cases such as TSA padlocks, shoulder straps and cubed foam moulding material.

Nanuk is your complete one-stop-shop for protective equipment and instrument cases and accessories including photographic equipment cases, military cases and watertight dive cases.