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The Mine/IED training system has been developed for the training of soldiers in a realistic environment with realistic materials.

The equipment creates the most realistic training environment possible. The difference from a sharp IED/mine should be minimal. These training materials teach the soldiers to look for the right things. No adjustment to real-life situations is required. If the soldier makes a mistake, he and his companions will receive immediate feedback via the soldier unit, vehicle unit and, if desired, also via Fx and any laser engagement system.

The training system consists of a vehicle unit, a soldier unit, an anti-tank mine, fullwidth (magnetic) or pressure, an antipersonell mine and an IED with pressure plate, cable ignition and wireless radio triggers.

The system has a number of applications, including Counter IED training, Mine Clearance and Mine Awareness training, and more extensive exercises in combat where mines need to be taken into account. The mines and mine ignitions are designed and manufactured according to user requirements and requests.

We currently offer AT mines with pressure or full-width trigger (magnetic) and pressure-triggered antipersonnel mines. For the IED simulator, a pressure plate can be connected to the voltage input (new name) or tripwire directly to the magnetic switch. The system can be used closed (standalone) or integrated with any Laser Engagement System via the soldier and vehicle units.

For more information download our white papers further down or give us a call +46 706722930

IED Mine Simulator - Overview

IED Mine Simulator - IED and Remote

IED Mine Simulator - Receivers

IED Mine Simulator - Mines